First New Study Passage

I am so excited! Yesterday’s first passage was amazing! Read along with me.
Genesis 20:17
“And Abraham prayed unto God: and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bare children.”

The before scene of this passage: Abraham and his wife Sarah journeyed to Gerar, when they arrived, they met King Abimelech and Abraham told him that Sarah was his sister. Now you read down from verse 3-7: God judged Abimelech and his household, not with a sickness, but the sin that Abimelech committed unaware. Abimelech had taken Sarah and had intentions in his heart (because Sarah was very fair. Genesis 12:14) but, because he had not touched her, God gave a way to heal the sin.
God told Abimelech to return Sarah back to Abraham and ask him to pray for his household.
Abimelech did much more than that; he brought a gift as well (see verse 14) Abimelech brought sheep, oxen, menservants and maidservants and welcomed them to dwell anywhere in his land.

Lesson learned: There is not really a lesson to learn in the verse, but it is in the entire chapter: Do not say a lie that will cause others to stumble. Yes, Abraham said what he did to protect Sarah, and was not a complete lie(see verse 12) but he did not say Sarah was his wife, in thus he lied, and God judged.
It does not matter who you are, and what position you hold at home or in church; People are watching you.
Keep a good testimony before God and others.

– I hope this study becomes a blessing and encouragement to you all! Tomorrow, in the title, I will share the theme of the verse, and so you have an idea of the subject.

God bless you all!

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